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Designer Led. Forward focused. Exousia Mas is a brand new Carnival experience - a collective of both experienced designers and new designer mavericks who are here to shake up the whole Carnival game.


We know Carnival is a business. Undeniably, Carnival is also an art. Finding a way to balance the two is challenging, and masqueraders often end up having to choose a band that has to prioritize one over the other.

We are creating a masquerade experience that is completely different from anything you would have seen before! We are positive every masquerader who sees our presentation will be able to find a costume that they absolutely love:-


•   Feathered gorgeous backpacks down to the ground - Check!

•   Unique couture pieces out of innovative materials - we got that too!

•   Fully designed Male costumes… We Got You - No afterthought costumes round here!


We encourage our designers to explore their individual styles and aesthetics in creating jaw-dropping Carnival costumes - and an important part of our mandate was to create mentorship opportunities to link young and upcoming designers with veterans in the industry.


Unlike many other Carnival bands in Trinidad, our designers are also heavily involved with the business and marketing aspects of the band as well, so we can guarantee our road experience will be like no other!

Carnival is for all of us. Stake your claim and find your place in the CRUCIBLE and be part of the next stage in Carnival. Lewwe shake up the island… whether you are an experienced masquerader looking for something new, or if you are brand new to Trinidad Carnival and want to experience the very best our Carnival has to offer.

Exousia Mas is a brand new Carnival band based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Join us on d road for Trinidad Carnival 2020. See more at https://www.facebook.com/exousiamas/

Trinidad and Tobago's biggest festival - Carnival will take place on February 24th and February 25th, 2020

Port of Spain - Trinidad Carnival

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  Phone: (868) 789 - 4622


Euphoria Lounge: #58 Dundonald Street,

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago